DeepLife projects

During the team until the Hackathon, you will be working on a project you will select within a list of 6 projects:

  1. Project 01: multimodal VAEs (Carl Herrmann)
  2. Project 02: multimodal factor analysis (Britta Velten)
  3. Project 03: CNN-based cell segmentation in multi-modal images (Karl Rohr)
  4. Project 04: Cell image segmentation using deep learning (Elena Casiraghi)
  5. Project 05: prediction on protein-ligand binding sites (David Hoksza)
  6. Project 06: protein function classification using DL (Joanna Sulkowska)

Please select one of the projects and register with your team (around 4 students) on this Google sheet.

Please note: registration will open Monday 13.05 at 12am

During the Hackathon, teams from different universities who have worked on the same project will work together to compare their results and prepare a common poster presentation (check the Hackathon page for more details)